♫ When I Grow Up I Want To Be Wonderful

                                  About the Author

Pseudonym:  Aariana
Pages Completed: 20
Main Idea: Just be a good person -
        Treat others like you want to be treated
        Stay Cute


      Maybe in the far off future I’ll own a hedgehog and a samoyed. They’ll play freely in my little hut by a stream made up of gray moss covered stones and seaweed.. With a ruined castle in the background looming off the far side of the hills. I’ll write books and take photos and create art until the sun sets and end my days with beach filled laughter, rolling over grass soaked in spilled herbal tea. But for now… I’m wandering aimlessly. Looking for the place that feels the most like passion took a bit out of my heart. Until then, I’ll be here, searching for the missing puzzle piece that completes me.


Kellan Lutz x3 // Beyonce // Marilyn Monroe // Clara Bow //

Disneyland // Disney World // San Diego // Philadelphia // Queens - NY //

[.Other Things.]
Writing // Poetry // Tea // Dance // Anime // Intellectual Conversations // Reading // Indica // 80’s music // Knitting // Bollywood Movies // Documentaries // Dry Humor // Concerts // Butterflies // Octopuses // Rainy; Cloudy Days // Info commercials..?
// Pirates // Unicorns // Zombies // Photography // Art// Meditation // Zodiacs - Cancer/Leo cusp ♋♌ // Fantasy // Crystals & Stones // Kawaii // Candles // Bows // Ear Stretching - 6g // Natural Hair - 4a // Healthy Eating 

[.Edits & Inconveniences.]
Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome, Hyperflexiblity type 3, BP2, GAD, Agoraphobia

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